Pension options for the self-employed

Jan 31, 2018 | Retirement Planning, Video

Although quitting your job and going it alone can be an exciting time, one of the major downsides is loss of pension contributions from your employer and therefore in this video Chartered Financial Planner Carl Roberts explains pension options for the self-employed.

This video explains:

  • The two main types of pension you should consider.
  • What to look for when choosing your pension provider.
  • Why starting contributions (even if small at first) as early as possible can make a massive difference in the future.

Risk warning:

Stock market linked investments and any income from them, can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. Any figures quoted are for illustrative purposes and should not be taken as a forecast or guarantee. Past performance should not be seen as an indication of future returns and clients may get back less than they have invested.