When You Don’t Pay Tax In Retirement

Is it true that you don’t pay tax in retirement?   Well yes and no.   It all depends on where your money is coming from.   How much you can earn before you pay tax in retirement   When it comes to retirement you still have to follow the same tax rules as...

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Pension Increase Exchange (PIE)

A Pension Increase Exchange, also known as a PIE, maybe offered to you if you are part of a private sector defined benefit pension scheme and are approaching the scheme retirement age.   The list of options when it comes to taking your defined benefit pension can be...

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How To Sort Out Your Old Pensions

If you believe you have old pensions but don’t know where they are or what they are worth then it could be difficult for you to retire.   If you don’t know what you have, how will you know if you could retire or not?  Don’t bury your head in the sand.  Dealing with...

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Investment Risk In Retirement

Choosing the right investment risk in retirement is absolutely crucial. It will impact:  How much money you can spend in retirement.  Whether your retirement savings pot will run out.   What you can leave behind for your loved ones.  How much stress you have to deal...

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Trimming The Edges – Spring Statement 2022

The Spring Statement isn’t actually supposed to be the time when tax policies are announced.    It’s supposed to be a general update on the health of the UK economy.   However, due to events that have taken place over the last few years and months including the recent...

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Tax On Pension Drawdown – Messy Tax Codes

Using pension drawdown in retirement offers so much flexibility and the chance to keep growing your pension, however, the tax on pension drawdown can get very messy.   It’s highly likely the first pension drawdown payment you receive will be taxed incorrectly and this...

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Events That Make A Will Invalid

There are a number of events which may make a will invalid.  It is, therefore, important that your will is kept under review to ensure that it can be used correctly when the time comes and your wishes are carried out as you intended them.   6 events that may make...

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Use Debt Or Investments In Retirement

There are many reasons why you might be deciding on whether to use debt or investments in retirement.   As in there is something you want or need to pay for and the choice is: 1. Do you use your savings and investments to pay out? OR2. Do you take out a loan and repay...

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