Cash ISAs Are Still Worth It

Rock bottom interest rates have led to the returns from cash ISAs being pretty useless. Especially when compared to the returns from stocks and shares ISAs that are invested in global equities.   So should you be ignoring cash ISAs?  Well, there is a handy little...

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Working And Receiving A Pension

Since April 2011 employees cannot be forced to retire from their job meaning you could still be working and receiving a pension.   Working and receiving a pension doesn’t reduce the amount of pension you are entitled to but it can require a bit more tax...

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Small Caps Or Large Caps

Research has shown that when it comes to investing over the long term, smaller companies (known as small caps) have higher expected returns than larger companies (known as large caps).   So, should you be piling into small caps?   Well, it’s important you understand...

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Where Pension Funds Invest

Understanding where pension funds invest is vitally important, especially when it comes to your own pension, as it allows you to understand what type of risk you are taking.   Your pension investment options will depend on the type of pension you have.  Getting the...

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State Pension Tax

State Pension tax is another form of tax we will all likely face at some point in our retirement. But what is State Pension tax and how much might you pay? In this article we’ll explain what the State Pension is, how it’s taxed and how you can use other pensions to...

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What Pension Will I Get?

Knowing the answer to what pension will I get? Is crucial in understanding what sort of lifestyle you will have in retirement.   Will your pension produce enough so you will be comfortable with financial security and flexibility or will you just get by? Maybe you will...

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How To Invest When Inflation Rises

As the global economy begins to recover from the impact of Covid-19 it’s inflation rises that are starting to worry investors.   Whilst steady moderate inflation is associated with economic growth, rapidly rising inflation could mean the economy overheats.  This could...

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Ethical Investing

Last week we wrote about how by investing into funds or a shares in a company, you have the power to influence them and this week we take it a step further with ethical investing.   There is now so much choice out there in terms of picking investments that fit with...

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Are Pension Funds Safe?

Your pension is likely to be one of your most valuable assets and therefore it’s vitally important to ask, are pension funds safe?  When I say safe I don’t mean in terms of investment performance risk, I mean, what happens if your pension provider was to go bust? ...

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Investing In Covid Times

How should we be investing in Covid times? Has Covid changed how investments work and do you need a new strategy?   In this article we will look at what happened during the ‘Covid Stock Market Crash’ and whether the traditional equity/bond investment mix worked.    ...

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