Choosing the right Financial Adviser to work with will be one of your most important decisions when it comes to your retirement.

Before you make that decision we feel it’s right that you see the value a Financial Adviser can deliver before you trust them to look after your retirement savings portfolio.

In order to help you come to an informed decision about our firm we have designed a four step process that starts with an initial phone call. If appropriate the next step would be a meeting, followed by a detailed review of your situation and portfolio, then finally implementation. There is no obligation to proceed through any of the steps and you don’t pay a penny in fees until you decide to become a client.


PLEASE NOTE – ​The aim of this call is for you to find out if we are the right Financial Adviser for you.

We need to find out a bit about your circumstances and the type of advice you might need to ensure we are a good match for you.

We are not able to answer one-off questions around specific topics. For example, “why do I not receive the full State Pension?” or “Should I opt out of the NHS Pension?”

These are questions we can cover but only further down the line as part of a full advice process.  

We are retirement planning specialists and therefore work exclusively with people already retired or approaching retirement.

We are best suited for people who…


Want the continued implementation of their retirement planning and investment strategies managed by an expert


Have accumulated a retirement portfolio of £250,000 or more


It’s a privilege to serve our clients and we’re proud to be recognised for the work we do.
SME Finalist, RP Finalist, Next Generation Advisers, Money Age Award


We go above and beyond to maintain the highest standards and professionalism.
Chartered Financial Planner, DAUK, Personal Finance Society

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We are delighted to help our designated charities in whatever ways we can.
Milton Keynes Hospital Charity

Why put it off any longer?

If you’re considering retirement, together we can make sure you’ll be financially secure.

Rest assured, you’re under no obligation to proceed after the review.
We’d like you to choose us for all the right reasons!

It’s all about giving you financial security, peace-of-mind and the means to enjoy your retirement.


We are proud to feature in…

* YouGov survey for Old Mutual Wealth

** Only applies to defined contribution, money purchase pensions. Our pension and initial financial review normally costs a minimum of £497, which, for a limited period only, we are providing free of charge. No strings, no obligation.