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Do you wonder just how to manage your finances for the best?

Are you sure about when you can afford to retire?

Or are you already retired and worried your money may run out if not managed properly?

Find Your Financial Freedom

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, the majority of our clients were in exactly the same boat when they first came to us.

Life is busy, and it’s always good to spend your time on something you’re far more passionate about, rather than worrying about your finances.

So… do any of these issues sound familiar to you? Because if they do, then we can help.

  • You’ve built up multiple pensions from multiple jobs and want to know if it’s best to consolidate?

  • You’re aware you have a significant private sector defined benefit pension. You would like to consider the option of transferring it for a lump sum so you can take your income in retirement on a more flexible basis?
  • You’re worried what would happen to your loved ones if you died suddenly, developed a serious illness or was unable to work?
  • You want to help out your children. You’d like to give them money and see them enjoy it whilst you’re alive?


  • You know you need to invest for a good return but are not sure how much risk you should be taking or where you should be investing?
  • You feel you pay too much in taxes and realise if you invest the right way you can reclaim significant amounts of tax to put towards your future portfolio?
  • You hold a senior position in the National Health Service (NHS) and have seen your overall tax bill increase massively as a result of changes to pension allowance rules?
  • You’re recently divorced and are now managing a large amount of money for the first time?


We typically work with senior managers, directors, business owners and senior NHS consultants.

We cover Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire in person; plus the rest of the UK via our face-to-face online screen sharing software.

And we guarantee that after working with us, you will know exactly where you stand and exactly what you need to do to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Services Overview

Something for every stage in your life… because financial planning is for life, not just for retirement!

Financial Planning

Achieving your goals with a practical, workable plan

Retirement Planning

Identifying your route to a financially secure retirement

Business Planning

Helping you to start and exit your business successfully

Pension Planning

Consolidating, lowering charges and improving performance

Protection Planning

Protecting you, your family, your wealth and your legacy

NHS Pensions

Expert understanding and analysis of your position

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