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Our Process



The first meeting is at our expense and is all about you.

We will not be discussing financial products during this meeting because until we know more about you and what you want, we feel we have no right to talk about your money or tell you what to do with it!

 We will start with a blank page and get to really know you, the life you’ve had and the life you want going forward.

At the end of this first meeting we can, of course, deal with any urgent financial matters as appropriate. We will tell you if we can help you; outline the costs of arranging a review, and you will be in a position to decide whether you would like to proceed or not.

If we both feel it is right to continue, then we will ask you to sign a Client Agreement and we will email you a secure link to an online data capture form, so we can gather all your financial details and carry out a Financial Review.




We will analyse the information you provide to us and write to the providers of any pensions or investments you have, so we can review these properly too.

We collate all of our work into a Financial Review, design your Financial Plan and arrange a meeting to share this with you.

At the end of the review we will outline the costs of carrying out any recommendations. You are under no obligation to proceed.



If you decide to proceed with our recommendations and become an RTS Financial Planning client we will recommend and implement all of the solutions necessary to create the lifestyle you desire.

We may need an implementation meeting, if there is documentation for the agreed products and solutions which requires your signature. It may be that no new products are needed and that small adjustments to your current products will suffice; these may not require a signature.

By the end of this stage, your plan will be in place and you can start enjoying your enhanced financial security.




Depending on the ongoing service level you require, we will meet on a regular basis to ensure your plan remains on track.

We will always update your plan during our meetings, making any adjustments needed and implementing any new products and solutions required.

If your life changes, or you have urgent financial matters which need attention in-between our review meetings, you can contact us anytime and we’ll be there to help.

Services Overview

Something for every stage in your life… because financial planning is for life, not just for retirement!

Financial Planning

Achieving your goals with a practical, workable plan

Retirement Planning

Identifying your route to a financially secure retirement

Business Planning

Helping you to start and exit your business successfully

Pension Planning

Consolidating, lowering charges and improving performance

Protection Planning

Protecting you, your family, your wealth and your legacy

NHS Pensions

Expert understanding and analysis of your position

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Reviews and Ratings for Financial adviser Carl Roberts, Milton-Keynes

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