I’m sure you have at least one loyalty card in your wallet or purse, and if you are like most people you probably have multiple loyalty cards.

But are they worth signing up for and remembering to take with you each time you shop?

Do they actually encourage you to remain loyal to a particular shop?

After all, the companies that offer loyalty cards are not doing it out of the kindest of their hearts. No. It is a fantastic way for companies to gain massive amounts of data on you and how you shop.

So if you are concerned about data privacy you might want to stop right now.

For those that are happy with the ‘gift my data for the value exchange’ then let’s find out whose cards are worth it.  

The best and worst loyalty cards

The ‘This Is Money’ website has recently carried out some research into the best and worst loyalty cards measured by the points/value you get back per £1 of spend.

They found the winners were……

  • Tesco Clubcard – 3% back (in points) on what you spent and you don’t have to just spend at Tescos.
  • Boots Advantage Card – 4% back but you can only spend at Boots.

The average were……….

  • myWaitrose Card – No points offered just vouchers but you can also claim free coffee every time you go in and spend and bring a reusable cup!
  • Superdrug Health and Beauty Card – Not as good as Boots but still OK.
  • Iceland Bonus Card – This is more like a saver card than points card with £1 added every £20 saved onto the card which is a 5% return.

The worst ones were………

  • Marks and Spencer Sparks Card – Collect points for offers, no actual money back.
  • Morrisons More Card – Just 0.5% back on what you spend. £5 back on £1,000 spent!
  • Sainsbury’s Nectar Card – Another with just 0.5% back.

The ‘This Is Money’ article also includes a few other loyalty cards rated and reviewed.

So it appears some of these loyalty cards are worth holding onto and remembering to take with you. But what if you constantly forget?

Some tools to help you get the most from your loyalty cards

If you have a smartphone then you should download the Stocard app. It allows you to store all your loyalty cards on your phone so you never have to remember to take them out again. You can just scan your phone at the checkout.

Shopper Points is a website that helps you maximise your Tesco and Nectar card points.

They regularly post updates and offers for getting the most points per spend and how best to redeem your points.

Remember, when it comes to loyalty cards, don’t get blindsided by the offers. Just go about your normal shopping habits and just remember to swipe your card or phone at the end.

Risk warning:

Stock market linked investments and any income from them, can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. Any figures quoted are for illustrative purposes and should not be taken as a forecast or guarantee. Past performance should not be seen as an indication of future returns and clients may get back less than they have invested.