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First of all, we know what you’re thinking… wow a financial planning company prepared to list their pricing! Well, pricing is really important to us as we believe excessive costs can seriously damage your wealth. You will find that a lot of financial planning companies will charge you a percentage of the investment/pension money you transfer to them. There are three problems with this:

  1. There is more likelihood of bias in their recommendations. After all, if you don’t invest/transfer they don’t get paid.
  2. The people investing larger sums of money are paying more for the same level of service as those investing smaller sums. Is that really fair?
  3. Ongoing percentage fees grow significantly over time for no extra work.

We know from experience that it does not cost a firm more to manage a portfolio of £5,000,000 than a portfolio of £1,000,000. So why should clients pay more for the same services? Our fees are fixed and are based on our costs and a reasonable level of compensation for a professional service provider. But before we confirm our fees it’s important to understand the value of good advice.

The Value Of Advice

Research from the International Longevity Centre – UK found that those who received financial advice in the 2001-2007 period had accumulated significantly more financial assets and pension wealth by 2012-2014 than people who did not get advice. In fact, the group classed as ‘affluent’ in the survey and who had taken advice had 16% more in pension wealth at the end of this period. Adviser Alpha​ Major investment firm Vanguard have produced a white paper called ‘Adviser’s Alpha’ which outlines the difference between the return that investors might achieve with an adviser and the return they might have achieved on their own. There are 7 key areas where advisers add value and Vanguard’s research shows that over time this all adds up to around an extra 3% per year net returns for clients on top of what they might have achieved on their own. In reality, this does not mean a straightforward 3% every year as some years the value added through advice will be larger and some years the value added will be less depending on what stage of life you are at.

Our Fees

Initial Meeting No cost to you. Offered at our expense.


Initial Financial Review Fee Dependent on work involved but typical costs range from £1,000 to £5,000 although are usually around £1,500.


Initial Implementation Fee Dependent on work involved but typical costs range from £1,500 and £10,000 although are usually between £3,000 and £5,000.


Ongoing Retainer Fees Our Comprehensive Financial Planning Review Service includes the following for every client:

  • At least one annual face-to-face meeting with your Chartered Financial Planner, to review your circumstances.
  • A full review of your investment portfolio and the strategies used.
  • A second opinion to prevent you doing the wrong thing, at the wrong time, for the wrong reason.
  • Access to your Chartered Financial Planner and team during business hours to raise any questions you may have.
  • Information and updates regarding changes to legislation that may affect you including the ongoing use of tax planning opportunities.
  • An annual summary setting out the outcome of your review with confirmation of any recommended changes.
  • Liaison with your other professional advisers, including solicitors and accountants.

While every client receives the service detailed above, the exact level of support depends on the complexity of their financial situation. 3 Simple Client Servicing Packages

We have a range of optional ongoing service packages which provide incredible value and remember you don’t need to find the cash to pay this each month. The costs can be deducted from your pension/investments.

Better still:

  • No tie period.
  • No penalties to cancel the service.
  • You can upgrade and downgrade between the packages at any time.

Please note VAT is not chargeable on any fee. More details can be found in our Client Agreement which can be downloaded here.

So how do our fees compare to other Financial Advisers?

As mentioned previously most Financial Advisers will charge a percentage of the investments/pension portfolio they ‘manage’ for you. Typically this fee will be 1% per annum.* Let’s look at some examples.
Portfolio ValueTypical Adviser Charge @1% per annumOur Charge
Level 1
Our Charge
Level 2
Our Charge
Level 3
*Typical charging structures of other advisers as confirmed in the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Data Bulletin.

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