Weekly Financial Update – 23.07.2020

It’s been a mixed bag for the markets over the last week with the US and Europe achieving slightly positive returns and the UK and Japan slightly down. The biggest riser was the emerging markets. The Chinese economy grew 3.2% last quarter which was more than expected....

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Weekly Financial Update – 16.07.2020

The main developed world markets such as the UK, US and Europe have had a very good week, all returning 2% plus. ​ Earlier in the week Europe’s largest tech company SAP (which many of you probably use in your businesses) announced increased revenue and profit compared...

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Weekly Financial Update – 09.07.2020

There hasn’t been much movement in the main stock markets this week with the UK down the most at just under 1.5%. The biggest gain was in the emerging markets sector driven by China. A state sanctioned story appeared this week on the front page of one of China’s main...

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Best ISA Option For You

When it comes to ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) there are now 5 different types, but which is the best ISA for you?   Did you know that in some circumstances you can actually save and invest more than the current £20,000 annual ISA limit?   There are some key...

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Weekly Financial Update – 18.06.2020

Global stock markets had a bit of a wobble at the end of last week. The FTSE 100 saw a drop of nearly 4% leading some to think this was the start of the final phase of the bear market and a prolonged period of losses. This all came about because of update from the US...

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Investment Risk Just Before Retirement

Over many years it was considered appropriate to reduce your investment risk just before retirement.    After all, if you are soon to be taking money out of your pension fund, it’s logical to want to protect its current value to maximise those withdrawals.   But there...

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