When Can You Take Your Pension?

When can you take your pension? This was a question I was asked by a client this week as we met for a review and were plotting their retirement plan. Like most things in finance the answer is not straight forward. But knowing when and how you can take your pension is...

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My current 3 favourite business travel apps

As I’ve said before, I love technology, but I especially love technology that saves me time when I’m out and about seeing clients which is why I’m always researching business travel apps. I thought I would share my 3 current favourites that I always seem to be using...

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Investing rules of thumb

How do you currently make your investing decisions? Is it based on lots of analysis of company data and reading the financial press? Or are you someone that buys shares based on your friends big hunch? Right here, right now, there is no way I can tell you exactly...

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Just say yes

Are you bored? Stuck in a rut? Want to make some changes in your life both personally and professionally? Well there is one really quick and easy way to start and that’s by saying ‘yes’. Yes to deciding to make a change but what I really mean is saying yes to every...

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Ignore ‘hot stock’ picks

You will usually find a stock selection article in the business section of most newspapers or an investment ‘expert’ making bold predictions on TV. You need to ignore these so called ‘tips’. Here’s why….. This video explains: Why the stock market is impossible to...

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