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5 Different Proven Investment Strategies

The investment strategies you use are a key part of your financial plan. Without a good return on your investment it is going to take you a lot longer and require a lot more in savings to achieve all that you want to achieve.   So, are you using the right strategy or...

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Why You Can’t Rely On Dividends Alone

With combined dividends of the FTSE 100 share index yielding around 4.8%, you may be tempted to invest more of your cash in dividend paying stocks.    Why keep money in cash savings earning 0% interest when it could be earning 4.8% from dividend pay-outs?   Whilst...

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Weekly Financial Update – 20.08.2020

The major world stock markets are down slightly for the week with Europe and the UK fairing the worst.     Quarantine rules hit travel stocks and there were more fears about the economic recovery from Coronavirus. This is what the next few months are going...

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Property Funds Suspended

There’s a good chance that some of your investment portfolio is suspended right now. Particularly if you diversify and invest in different assets including property funds.    Most UK property funds are suspended meaning you cannot buy or sell units in these funds.  ...

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The Best Savings Rates

Is it even worth looking for the best savings rates for your cash right now?   After all, securing an interest rate that is an extra 0.25% on what you get now is hardly going to make much difference right?  Well actually yes, and there is in fact much more to it than...

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Earliest Age Your Pension Can Be Taken

The earliest age your pension can be taken will depend on at least one of the following:  The rules set in law.  Your health.  The individual pension scheme rules.  Different types of pension will have different minimum ages at which your pension can be taken.  ...

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Tax On Investments

Do you know if you are liable for tax on investments you and your family hold? Most of the time tax on investments is not paid automatically and it is up to you as an individual to ensure you are declaring the right amount of tax to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)....

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