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Topping Up Your State Pension

Topping up your State Pension before you get to your State Pension Age could give a significant boost to your retirement income for the amount it costs.   For a relatively small one-off payment, you could increase your State Pension for the rest of your life.   In...

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Maximising Your Retirement Income

The problem when you retire is that you lose the safety net of your salary and therefore it is vital that you are maximising your retirement income.    You are left with the savings you have built up through a lifetime of working and it’s unlikely those savings are...

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Defined Benefit Pension Transfer Time Limits

Are you considering transferring your defined benefit pension and are you aware of the transfer time limits?    Defined benefit pensions need to have their transfer value manually calculated by the scheme administrators. This transfer value is only valid for a short...

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Pensions After Death – Easing The Pain

Do you know what happens to your pensions after death?   After all, your pension pot is likely to be the second biggest asset you own after your home.   The pension pot you leave behind after death can provide a huge benefit to those you love. However if you have the...

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Cheers! Autumn Budget 2021

There has already been a lot written about the Autumn Budget 2021 last week which is strange as there wasn’t really a lot to talk about compared to some years.  You might think it’s a good thing that no major changes were announced, as that means no major...

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Trying To Get Defined Benefit Pension Advice

If you are trying to get defined benefit pension advice you might struggle.  I’ve written before about why it’s nearly impossible to transfer a defined benefit pension.   The rules and regulations are now so tough for Financial Planners, leading to very high...

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Cash ISAs Are Still Worth It

Rock bottom interest rates have led to the returns from cash ISAs being pretty useless. Especially when compared to the returns from stocks and shares ISAs that are invested in global equities.   So should you be ignoring cash ISAs?  Well, there is a handy little...

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Working And Receiving A Pension

Since April 2011 employees cannot be forced to retire from their job meaning you could still be working and receiving a pension.   Working and receiving a pension doesn’t reduce the amount of pension you are entitled to but it can require a bit more tax...

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