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Negative Interest Rates

It’s been widely reported that negative interest rates could soon be coming as the Bank of England look for more ways to boost the UK economy.    How likely are negative interest rates? What is the impact? And what should you be doing right now to prepare?   This...

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Has Covid Changed Retirement?

I read an article from another Financial Adviser recently about how Covid changed retirement for his client Mike.   Mike was an operator in a car factory and along with his wife, they had planned their retirement around their final salary and State Pension Ages.   The...

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Retirement Age and Life Expectancy

There has recently been some good news on life expectancy.  In their latest published National Life Tables the Office for National Statistics have found that, since last year’s release, life expectancy has increased by 6.3 weeks for men and women who are 65.    This...

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5 Different Proven Investment Strategies

The investment strategies you use are a key part of your financial plan. Without a good return on your investment it is going to take you a lot longer and require a lot more in savings to achieve all that you want to achieve.   So, are you using the right strategy or...

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