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Autumn Statement 2023

On Wednesday 22nd November the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt stood up and delivered the government’s Autumn Statement 2023.   It feels like we have seen quite a lot of Mr Hunt since the end of the Liz Truss premiership back in October last year.   The government were keen to...

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7 Steps To Get Retirement Ready

When it comes to retirement there are two ways it could go for you. There’s the dream scenario we all hope for where our money outlives us or the disaster scenario where we outlive our money.   This is why retirement, the point in life where you stop working and start...

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Property In Your Investment Portfolio

Should you be holding property in your investment portfolio?   In just the last month three major property funds have announced that they are either suspended or closing down completely.   Does this mean time is up for property as an investment?  Not necessarily....

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Should You Invest In Gold In 2023?

With its price up nearly 19% this year compared to the US stock market (S&P 500) at 7.49% at the time of writing, you will find many headlines saying that you should invest in gold in 2023.  These headlines have increased over the last month as turbulence in the...

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Unclaimed Child Trust Funds

There is around £1.7billion sitting in unclaimed Child Trust Funds according to The Share Foundation.   This relates to almost a million young adults, so if you think your child or grandchild might have had a Child Trust Fund set up for them, now is the time to check....

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What Is A Potentially Exempt Transfer?

When planning how to distribute your wealth and avoid Inheritance Tax there's a term that might sound a bit puzzling at first: Potentially Exempt Transfer, or PET for short.   Don't let the name intimidate you – it’s not as complicated as you might think. Think of it...

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The Perfect Retirement Age

Since April 2011 there has been no such thing as a legal retirement age.   You can basically retire as young or as old as you like.   Fantastic if you are someone that values freedom of choice. Scary if you have no idea how to plan for retirement.   So, is there such...

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