When To Sell An Investment

When to sell an investment is just as important as when to buy an investment.   Remember you don’t make or lose anything when you buy an investment. You make a gain or loss when you sell.   Have you seen large rises in the value of your investment in the last year or...

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Contributing To A Pension After Retirement

Contributing to a pension after retirement is still perfectly possible and in fact could be very prudent in terms of your overall planning.  Reducing work or stopping work all together is likely to restrict the amounts you can save so it’s important you are aware of...

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Keeping Fit In Retirement

Keeping fit in retirement is likely to ensure you can enjoy your time as you move into the third stage of your life rather than being uncomfortable.   According to the Office For National Statistics, a male aged 60 has an average life expectancy of 87 years and a 25%...

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5 Benefits Of Consolidating Your Pensions

As you approach retirement one of the biggest jobs you will probably need to consider is whether you should be consolidating your pensions.  There are some great benefits to consolidating your pensions but also a few things you need to check before you do.   Why...

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Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

So Bitcoin and cryptocurrency more generally. There has been a lot written about it in recent times which in itself tells you something (more on that later) but if you haven’t already, should you be considering investing in it?  After all, the price of one...

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Inheritance Tax On ISAs

Many people believe that an ISA is free of all taxes but unfortunately your estate may still pay Inheritance Tax on ISAs when you die.  Along with pensions, ISAs can play a fundamental part of producing a sustainable income in retirement.  But unlike pensions, the...

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Retirement Spending And Long Term Care

When planning for retirement and calculating your sustainable income in retirement, the future implications of long term care can be a worry.   Do you save some of your capital to cover long term care costs in the future at the expense of a reduced income in...

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