Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

So Bitcoin and cryptocurrency more generally. There has been a lot written about it in recent times which in itself tells you something (more on that later) but if you haven’t already, should you be considering investing in it?  After all, the price of one...

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Inheritance Tax On ISAs

Many people believe that an ISA is free of all taxes but unfortunately your estate may still pay Inheritance Tax on ISAs when you die.  Along with pensions, ISAs can play a fundamental part of producing a sustainable income in retirement.  But unlike pensions, the...

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Retirement Spending And Long Term Care

When planning for retirement and calculating your sustainable income in retirement, the future implications of long term care can be a worry.   Do you save some of your capital to cover long term care costs in the future at the expense of a reduced income in...

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The Scandal Of High Cost Tracker Funds

Recent research from Money Marketing has shown that some investors are paying way over the top for high cost tracker funds.   In fact the three highest charging UK tracker funds have over £1.5 billion invested in them and investors are paying over £12 million more in...

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New Year Financial Priorities

The start of a new year is a great time to sit down, take stock and consider your new year financial priorities.  It’s always a good idea to plan. It provides motivation and improves performance. The start of the year is a great time to do this as you will hopefully...

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No Deal Brexit Impact On Your Investments

It’s hard to avoid it if you watch the news at the moment so I thought I would discuss the potential no deal Brexit impact on your investments.   First things first, as I write this after the Sunday 13th December 2020 ‘deadline’, talks are still on going. It is by no...

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Finding A Lost Pension

Could you possibly have a lost pension lurking somewhere in the financial wilderness?    Research from the Pensions Policy Institute has estimated that there could be as many as 1.6 million lost pension pots, with a potential combined value of £19.4 billion.   This...

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Cashing In Your Pension

Do you have a current or old private pension and have you wondered when you could be cashing in your pension?  Most people will naturally consider taking their workplace pension at the point they retire from work. But a private pension is a bit different. It’s a...

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The Right Time To Plan For Inheritance Tax

With it potentially being one of the largest tax bills your family will ever pay, you definitely need a plan for Inheritance Tax. Inheritance Tax is paid on your death if the value of your estate is more than the various allowances you are entitled to. Your family...

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Fractional Ownership

Fractional ownership is a way of building an investment portfolio. But not just your bog standard investment into equities on the stock market. No, this could be a portfolio of property, fast cars, art and even aircraft.   It’s a potential way of making money from...

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10 Perks of Being Retired

There are many perks of being retired, especially financial ones.    So don’t let retirement stop you having fun and living your best life.   Here are some great freebies and discounts for those who hit a certain age.   The financial perks of being retired   ...

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