Leaving Everything In Order

Investing is never 100% certain but when it comes to death, it’s 100% certain you are going to die at some point, and you can only be 100% certain now to get everything in order. Tomorrow may never come.  Without sounding too depressing we don’t know what’s around the...

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Sustainable Pension Withdrawals

When you hit retirement you are going to need sustainable pension withdrawals.   If your pension withdrawals are not sustainable it is going to mean a very difficult retirement. You may have to move home, go back to work or worst, not do the things you love and...

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Introducing The RTS Investment Strategy

Two years in the making and it’s finally here, the RTS Investment Strategy.    When I started RTS Financial Planning I had two major goals in mind for clients:   Lower costs.  Better performance.   Since the start we have offered lower charges and remain in the...

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Market Commentary – April 2020

Are we now well into the stock market recovery?   What’s been surprising about the impact of Coronavirus on stock markets is the speed of the fall and now also the speed of the rise.   Most stock markets around the world have had a good month but there could be one...

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Investment Risk Profiles Do Work

If you are worried about your investments right now have you stopped to consider whether you are using the right risk profiles?   When we talk about investment risk we are not talking about the risk of losing money. That will never happen unless you are invested in...

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Coronavirus Business Support

As we are now deep into lockdown many business owners will now be considering what sort of Coronavirus business support is available.   The impact of the Coronavirus is being felt by businesses far and wide.    The Office of National Statistics have released a new...

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Testing Times – Part Two

As the situation intensifies with regards to the Coronavirus I thought it right to provide a further update on how stock markets are reacting, what’s happening to your investment portfolios and how we should react.   A reminder of what the stock market is   The stock...

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Budget – March 2020

On Wednesday 11th March 2020 we saw the first budget for some time.   You will note from the title of this article I have included the month. March 2020. This is because the government have announced a further Budget in the autumn.   With the Coronavirus having a...

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Testing Times

Every now and then in the investing world there is a ‘black swan’ event that can lead to some very testing times for your investment portfolio.   A black swan is an unpredictable event that can have a severe impact on an economy.   The Coronavirus is looking like...

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