What Pension Will I Get?

Knowing the answer to what pension will I get? Is crucial in understanding what sort of lifestyle you will have in retirement.   Will your pension produce enough so you will be comfortable with financial security and flexibility or will you just get by? Maybe you will...

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How To Invest When Inflation Rises

As the global economy begins to recover from the impact of Covid-19 it’s inflation rises that are starting to worry investors.   Whilst steady moderate inflation is associated with economic growth, rapidly rising inflation could mean the economy overheats.  This could...

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Ethical Investing

Last week we wrote about how by investing into funds or a shares in a company, you have the power to influence them and this week we take it a step further with ethical investing.   There is now so much choice out there in terms of picking investments that fit with...

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Are Pension Funds Safe?

Your pension is likely to be one of your most valuable assets and therefore it’s vitally important to ask, are pension funds safe?  When I say safe I don’t mean in terms of investment performance risk, I mean, what happens if your pension provider was to go bust? ...

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Investing In Covid Times

How should we be investing in Covid times? Has Covid changed how investments work and do you need a new strategy?   In this article we will look at what happened during the ‘Covid Stock Market Crash’ and whether the traditional equity/bond investment mix worked.    ...

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When Inheritance Tax Is Due

Inheritance Tax can be confusing. That’s why many put off having a discussion about it.   But Inheritance Tax doesn’t have to be complicated.   In this article we’ll go through the basics which will hopefully help you understand your own position in a bit...

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Converting Your Pension To An ISA

When it comes to pensions and ISAs, most people in my experience find ISAs much easier to understand and so would like to convert their pension to an ISA.   After all ISAs are free of Income and Capital Gains Tax. For most types of ISAs what you put in grows tax free...

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The £800m Higher Rate Tax Relief Scandal

According to research carried out by PensionBee, around 81% of taxpayers eligible to claim higher rate tax relief through their Self-Assessment tax returns are failing to do so.   It is also estimated that around 54% of additional rate taxpayers are also failing to...

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115% Tax Relief

It really is possible to get more money back in tax relief than what you put into a pension.   There are a few ways you can ‘play’ the system and be super tax efficient especially using all the allowances available to you as a family.   Here are a few examples where...

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When To Sell An Investment

When to sell an investment is just as important as when to buy an investment.   Remember you don’t make or lose anything when you buy an investment. You make a gain or loss when you sell.   Have you seen large rises in the value of your investment in the last year or...

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